Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Welcome Back!!

The Department of Psychology wants to welcome everyone to a new year and a new semester! We hope that the break has revitalized you, and you are ready to hit the books again! We enjoy seeing familiar faces around the department again, and being introduced to new ones.

We’re very excited because our enrollment for this semester has filled our classes to capacity, with the exception of just a few, and many of those only have 1 or 2 seats available.

During this time of year, we are also getting applications for our graduate programs. As of our graduate application deadline of January 15, we had 68 Clinical Psychology PhD applications, 10 Interdisciplinary PhD applications and 6 Master of Arts in Psychology applications for our just-reopened MA program.

We have also gotten some great news from one of our recently graduated PhD students. Dr. Beau Nelson, his wife Zaley and their daughter Aida are going to be moving to Ann Arbor Michigan since he just accepted a position at the VA Ann Arbor as the Local Recovery Coordinator, with a dual appointment at the University of Michigan. CONGRATULATIONS, Beau!

We hope that everyone has a successful semester!